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Marysville, CA Plumbers:



Drain Cleaning Marysville, CA


Drain Cleaning is one of our specialties, we will clear any drain. A clogged drain is a big problem especially if you have a busy home with a lot of kids and family or a busy business. We have all the right equipment to take care of your drain problems; The Snake Drain Cleaning Machine will take care of most blockages, but if what is blocking your pipes are overgrown roots or something The Snake Drain Cleaning Machine can’t handle, we have other options such as the Jetter. The Hydro Jetter uses a powerful water jets at 4,000psi and clears anything blocking your drain lines.



Camera Inspections In Marysville, CA:


A camera inspection is probably the best preventive tool to prevent expensive repairs in the future. We carry top of the line cameras that give you an inside look at your pipes, using this tool we can diagnose if you have root problems, mineral buildup, or a collapsed pipe. There is no better way to inspect a sewer line than with a camera inspection.


Sewers With Root Problems


If you are having Root Problems in your sewer line we have the best solutions in the business. John's Rooter has an arsenal of “no dig” tools and trenchless technology to save your driveway or garden of a massive excavation. If you are having root problems check out our other pages:

  • Pipe Rehabilitation

  • Trench-less Pipe Replacement Technology

  • Hydro Jetting

  • Sewer Line Explained

  • Camera Inspections

  • Why Hire Licensed Plumbers?

  • Also, don’t forget to check our full list of Plumbing Services.


We are the Marysville Plumbers.


We are your local plumbing company! We have worked in the Marysville, CA area for many years and love to serve you. We are a local plumbing company and because we are local we see our clients as part of our neighborhoods and communities. Call us to schedule an appointment, we want you to be one of our happy customers. 530-433-5773


Get Your Drains Cleaned Before the Fall Ends


Much in the same vein as spring cleaning in your home, many plumbing companies suggest their customers order an annual summer drain cleaning. Summer, while it is a busy time for your family, is also the ideal time for cleaning sewer lines. Your sewer system is under more strain to operate efficiently, and with children on summer break, the added volume of traffic in bathrooms and sinks requires your drains to be functioning smoothly. On top of that, winter holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, bring a large number of people to your home and increase the workload. Summer is a great time to give your plumbing system a boost and get your drains cleaned!


Routine Maintenance Is Important


As with maintaining your roof, electrical system, or getting chimney flues cleaned, your plumbing system can wreak havoc in your home if not properly kept up. A neglected system could lead to water damage, raw sewage flowing into your basement or yard, or shattered pipes, all of which are extremely expensive. More regular cleanings will save you severe and costly repairs, as well as the inconvenience of property damage and potentially having to temporarily relocate your family while repairs occur.


Our Free Estimate, How It Works!


John’s Rooter a plumber will visit your home and consult with you about any issues you may be concerned about. Have a slow drain in your shower? Worried that the beautiful oak tree in your backyard might begin to impede your pipes? Did you catch your husband pouring kitchen grease down the sink last week? We’ve seen it all, and are equipped to handle it.


Prior to any of our services, we will conduct a free inspection. If required we will provide you with an estimate for a camera inspection, with a high-definition camera we can identify any problem areas. If roots are found we use a technique called hydro jetting to clean your pipes. This forces high-pressure water into your pipes, safely and effectively clearing away kitchen grease, small tree roots, hair, and other debris.


Additionally, the camera inspection performs an important secondary function in conducting a check-up on your plumbing system. This will identify corrosion, leaky pipe fittings, or other small problems which could become serious, and allow you to treat them early. It also prevents any nasty surprises which could hit your wallet hard.


Contact John’s Rooter today and learn more about our drain cleaning services. Our team of highly trained plumbers are experts and committed to providing prompt, professional service to your door, and to your drains.

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John's Rooter & Plumbing Service.

We are Your Local Plumbing Professionals! John’s Rooter is your go-to plumber for sewer line repairs, sewer line inspection, and hydro-jetting whether it's a clogged drain or pipe that needs replacing, with our over 25 years of experience in the Yuba City, CA area and surrounding cities we can get it fixed, fast!

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